General Questions

What are the sizes of your boxes?

As of June 2015, the dimension of our half-box is 37x55x63, while the Jumbo Box is 63x75x55.

What are the advantages of sending payments before the arrival date of my cargo?

Most of the time we offer EARLY PAYMENT promo discount, so it will cost you less. Paying ahead of departure or arrival of the cargo could also mean that your cargo will be immediately lined up for delivery as soon as it arrives. And there's a higher chance of getting on the first delivery trip.

How do I know if my payment has been received?

You can either call us directly (see Contact Us) or send an email to

How long it would take to receive my cargo?

Usually, it would only take 7 to 10 days if the destination of you cargo is within Metro Manila or nearby areas. Many factors would affect the delivery schedule like port congestion, natural calamities, Customs checking, etc.


Packing List (PL)

A status used with a cargo, when it has not yet arrived in Philippine warehouse.

PL With Report

When cargo has not yet arrived in Philippine warehouse, but will be immediately scheduled for delivery.

With DR

Cargo is lined up for delivery.


Means the cargo has arrived in Philippine warehouse.


Cargo is already out for delivery.


When the cargo is received by the consignee.

Order Number

Empty box order reference number.

Pickup Number

Pick-up schedule reference number.


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